top of page Which version is best for you? is a great game and in my opinion, the most family-friendly .io game on the internet, due to its lack of any chat, that's right, NO normal chat, NO voice chat, but I'm getting ahead of myself. Let's take a look at both versions of, their ups and downs, and which version is best for you. First up, let's take a look at the website. The website is one of the original, along with the iOS app for it. Here are its advantages: 1. Instead of a speed boost/rush button in the bottom right corner, you have a map of the world you're in. 2. The controls have more compatibility with devices that don't have touch screens, unlike the app. Here are the disadvantages: 1. Its harder to make your snake become a circle or spiral on the website. 2. It's hard to transition to the website if you're more skilled at playing the app on a phone or tablet. Now, let's take a look at the app. Advantages: 1. It's more mobile-friendly than the website. 2. It provides a mode where you play against AI along with the normal multiplayer mode, unlike the website. Disadvantages: 1. The map is replaced by a rush button. 2. The app is hard to use on a device without a touch screen. Now that we've checked out the two versions and their pros and cons, I'll summarize this for you: If you play on a device with a working touch screen, (Touch screens that don't work don't count.) I recommend the app and if you're on a device that doesn't have a touch screen and you're on a computer or you're on a device that has a touch screen that doesn't work and you're on a computer, I recommend the website.

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