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Undertale Gold Farming: The good, the bad, and the meh

Undertale sometimes requires you to spend a LOT of Gold, and you might be thinking, "How the heck am I going to get all that Gold?" This guide might just help you with that. Let's take a look at the good, the bad, and the meh about Undertale Gold farming. (All Gold-Earning rates are based on the assumption that you have not received the phone upgrade from Alphys)


The Ferry

Frisk (The Protagonist) in front of the dock and ferry

This gold farming method is unlocked after you fall down to the Garbage Dump, making it the earliest one in the game. The ferry is found in Waterfall and serves as a transport connecting the two halves of it. Interacting with it will prompt the message "3 Gold for the ferry". Accepting the offer will transport you to the other half of Waterfall and prompt the message "Thanks for stepping on my face. Here's the 3 Gold", earning you 3 G. This entire process takes 8 seconds, giving it a Gold-Earning rate of about 21 Gold per Minute. Yikes! Let's go onto the next one.


Selling Temmie Flakes (On Sale)

The On-Sale Temmie Flakes (Selected) and other items and types of Temmie Flakes at the Tem Shop

This Method is unlocked (along with Temmie Village) after Undyne challenges you for the first time and is one of the easiest on this list. All you have to is go to Temmie Village, buy Temmie Flakes (On Sale) and sell them. All types of Temmie Flakes are 2 G when sold back to the Tem Shop shopkeeper, so selling Temmie Flakes (On Sale) back to the Tem Shop shopkeeper has a profit margin of 1 G per Temmie Flake. As with all selling-based Gold farming methods, this works best with an empty inventory. This entire process takes 15 seconds, giving it a Gold-Earning rate of 32 Gold per Minute. It’s an improvement, but still pretty bad. Let's take a look at the final method.


Selling Cloudy Glasses

Cloudy Glasses (Selected) and other items sold by Gerson (The Turtle)

This method was discovered by Escapist Magazine in their article Fund Your Pacifist Run In Undertale With This Endless Gold Method and is the best Gold farming method on this list. With a Gold-Earning rate of 175 Gold per Minute (If you have an empty inventory), this is an amazing way to farm gold in Undertale. However, there is a catch. This Gold farming method requires that you have at least 240 G (the cost of 8 Cloudy Glasses) in order to maximize the Gold-Earning rate. However, its profit margin of 20-35 G per Cloudy Glasses should help you get there in no time! Now, I have to go counsel an Abandoned Quiche.

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